Mother in Law and Daughter in Law Relationship Quotes

Although it sounds worst, but relationship between other in law and daughter in law is never that good.

The mother in law loves to be the root of conflict and sometimes consider his son’s marriage is something shouldn’t be done.

In daughter in law’s shoes, maybe some of these mother in law and daughter in law relationship quotes describe the situations.


It’s annoying to deal with mother in law, especially she treats you bad .

But still, she’s your husband’s mother and he loves her very much, right? At least, you’ve to prepare your feeling and emotion, so you know how to deal with her.

Mother in Law and Daughter in Law Relationship Quotes


“Dear my mother in law. It’s true that I am not your own daughter, but I’ve been chosen by your own son. I am his favorite woman among millions women in the world. Please appreciate me and wish us the best.”

“As a daughter in law, I’ve never been right. I have to admit my mistake which you created by yourself. How could you give me smile when your son brought me home?” – this quote (kata kata cinta in Indonesia) means that at the first time my husband brought me home, his mother welcome me home warmly. She gave me a tender smile and I thought it’s okay. After the marriage, I knew it’s fake.”

“Yes, I made mistake. The marriage is something new for me. My cook isn’t delicious. Sometimes I’m lazy to wake up early. I rarely phone you even my own parents cause too busy with my new life. Give me chance to adapt and be better.”

“It’s sad that I’m your another place to blame. Even in front of everyone, you make me feels that I’m not that good for your son. It’s sadder cause my husband sometimes does nothing seeing you like that.”

“In your own marriage, you can be dominant at everything. And I have that chance too cause this is my life with him. He’s still your son, but his another role is being my husband. We have another home and decide who’s able to enter ours.”

“My home with my husband isn’t your authority. You can’t control every issue and make it sounds complicated. We have a way to solve it together without your help.”


“My husband loves his mother very much that’s why he treats me well as a woman. But sometimes, he doesn’t realize that his mother is toxic for our marriage. She gave me a slient treatment to make me feel uncomfortable.”

“I am insecure that she will do something bad. She starts a new life with my son. I’m afraid that someday my son will compare her with me.”

“I know that I should let it go, but I just can’t. I am a mother who can’t see my children get something worse. In the other hand, I am aware that I make my daughter in law uncomfortable.”

These mother in law and daughter in law relationship quotes perhaps describe your feeling about her.

Sometimes, the mother in law forgets that her daughter in law is raising her own son.

Marriage is dealing with the situation and problem between the wife and husband only, not the mother in law.

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