How to make a mini indoor swimming pool


How to make a mini swimming pool look very simple. Even so, the application may not be as easy as imagined. Moreover, if planned placement in a room.

Indoor swimming pool is a form of innovation in the modern era. The election is based on the desire of the homeowner to have it without having to leave the house. Because enough is used for bathing like in a bathtub.

Its presence is enough to make the house feel more modern. The owner can also feel comfort and tranquility. Not wrong if some people want to build it in the room of the house.

The question is how to make a good indoor mini swimming pool? Here, we will show the simple steps. But before, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Indoor Mini Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool in the house looks interesting. Some people want to have it. However, it should be noted that the construction of this pond has advantages and disadvantages as below.

1. Advantages of Indoor Swimming Pools
One of the advantages of putting a pool indoors is free from weather problems. You can use it as you wish. Of course without problems like it is raining.

In addition, you also will not be confused with the problem of taking root of the trees. Because you actually already have a living area created a basin for the pool.

Another plus is that it gives the impression of being private. Whenever you feel like bathing or swimming, you can do it. Of course, you don’t need to be shy or cautious like someone outside is watching.

For the making itself, the time is more flexible. The reason is that the area is protected so that the work continues. Hence, the construction process will be completed on schedule.

2. Lack of Indoor Swimming Pool
Behind the advantages above, saved shortcomings are indeed a major obstacle for some builders. One of them is the difficulty to determine its location.

Although it is said to be a mini swimming pool, it does not mean the area is really small. In fact, you need a large enough area for the completeness of the pool such as the container and pipe installation. And ideally, not all areas in the house can be used.

Then, the costs will also be more expensive. You need strong material to hold the tub so that it does not seep. The cost is more expensive if it is made on the top floor of a house.

At least, you need to paint various places. And of course, the material must be considered as hard as possible to withstand the water pressure. Material is stronger and quite a lot will make the cost even greater.

Likewise if you have to dredge the area. Locations that make it difficult to dredge with tools will certainly allow builders to have to do it manually. If you keep using the tool, the cost will definitely increase.

How to Build a Mini Swimming Pool in the House

In general, making a mini indoor swimming pool requires very careful planning. Starting from the design, size, to the cost. Especially for the modeling, you can take a peek at

After getting the idea, you can use the services of a handyman. This handyman service will work armed with the design of the pool that you are proposing. Then, the craftsman will start by making a pond like scooping the ground first.

If the pond will be placed on the top floor, of course, the handyman does not need soil dredging. But enough to make a construction. For example, whether made on the floor, or immersed on the floor assuming creating a basin with the casting process.

After a pattern is formed, the craftsman will put various series of iron which will be used as a reinforcement for construction. Namely casted with a variety of calculations under their control.

On the other hand, the handyman will prepare an area that is used to place water suction / filling pipes into the tub. Only then covered with various layers of cement and sand mixture.

No less important, builders will also attach a special coating to each wall of the pond. This layer can be ceramic or vinyl. The goal is to create the impression of smooth and clean on every wall or base of a pool.

The process of making a pond is complete. Workers can solve it by arranging the installation of pipes for disposal / replenishment of water. Not to forget, the builders also arrange electricity to run the water pump function.

Lots of things will be done even though the building is minimalist. And, you can entrust this work to a reliable pool making service. Because these service providers are able to work professionally and are able to realize their desires according to expectations.

That’s what can be said about how to make a mini swimming pool. If you want it, carefully consider the placement, design and

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