6 Great Foundations of Corporate Culture (Ways to Increase Company’s Growth)

Do you work for a corporation? If you do, you must be aware of corporate culture. The culture includes values, attitudes, and practices which are ingrained in people who work within the certain organization. It forms the atmosphere and operations of the corporation.

Some cultures can have a good effect on an organization while others can actually harm it. Here are six elements of culture which will bring your corporation to success.

A Definite Vision

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The company should have created a precise vision of the organization since the beginning. The sentence does not have to be long or complicated. However, it must carry aspects that reflect the founder’s wish in the future.

An authentic and definite statement will not only serve as guidance for the employees. Your consumers, partners, and other business stakeholders will be affected by the vision too. It will create a harmonious organizational environment.

Clearly Enunciated and Promoted Values

Having a great vision is only the beginning. To get the real impact, that vision should be broken down into values. Those values must be clearly stated to every new recruit. Supervisors must continuously broadcast the values to staffs.

Values provide clearer guidelines for everyone who is related to the company. People within the company will have better knowledge on which behaviors or attitudes that are expected from them.

Practice-Based on Values

Executing values into day-to-day operation is crucial to ensure your organization’s growth. The hardest part is ensuring that value-based practices are done from top to bottom level of the corporation. Let’s learn some tips to make it happen.

  • Using positive words to describe desirable actions.
  • Mentoring from manager to staff about appropriate practices.
  • Continuously reinforcing appropriate practices based on the organization’s values.
  • Putting confidence on lower level employee’s decision.

Dedicated Employees

Employees who are dedicated to the corporate culture are essential to its growth. Effective recruitment process plays as a stepping stone in this case. The employer should pick candidates with fundamental characteristics in line with the company’s culture.

Retaining dedicated employees is the second step a company must do. Managers have to pay attention to employees who perform well according to the company’s values and vision. These employees should be a company’s top priority.

Interesting Corporate Back Story

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Every organization has a distinctive back story. With the help of a great storyteller, that backstory can be turned into an interesting narrative. That narrative will serve as the organization’s identity. It can be re-written as the organization grows. Why is this necessary in a company’s growth?

Organization’s backstory should be deeply ingrained in employees mind. When employees remember this story, they will have the greater sense of belongingness about the company. It also works almost like values.
Supporting Workplace

Your workplace truly constructs the culture of the organization. Workplace acts as the physical environment where employees doing work-related activities, interact with other workers and their managers, as well as ruminating the company’s cultural discourse.

As an example, when corporate culture supports collaborative work, the company tends to have an open concept of architecture. It enables employees to interact with each other more conveniently. In company with vertical hierarchy, higher-ups’ office rooms tend to be in close quarters.

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