Learning 7 of the Most Controversial T-shirts Ever Designed

T-shirt is everyone’s favorite piece of clothing. Everybody wears it, no matter the age and gender. Therefore, many clothing companies constantly release new T-shirt products. There are 7 of the most controversial T-shirts ever that you may want to know, though.

These T-shirts are considered controversial because they have contents that are sensitive represented in the designs. Here is the list of those questionable and scrappy T-shirts.

Authentic Fur T-shirt

Image Source: lystit.com

Despite protest from environmentalists, some designers still release authentic animal fur clothing in form of T-shirts. These T-shirts are still received by fashion enthusiasts because of the detailed craftsmanship.

However, people who extensively defend animal rights find that such T-shirts promote indecent practice of animal farming for fashion industry. They find that it is very unethical. The debate still goes on to this day.

Sexist-themed T-shirt

It is possible to find sexist quotes printed on T-shirts nowadays. The T-shirts are not only designed for men, but also for women. Many women feel offended by quotes that are presented on the T-shirts.

There are several quotes that have derogatory tone toward women. The quotes tend to contain stereotype to dismiss women. They are banned by many people, but some people are still wearing it.

Misspelled Words T-shirt

Having quotes written in other language makes T-shirt looks cool. Many manufacturers have released such T-shirt. However, sometimes production department does not pay attention to accuracy.

There are many people who find that the foreign language quotes can be misspelled on the printed T-shirt. The quotes become meaningless, and perhaps even offensive. The native speaker of those language demand that manufacturers correct the mistakes and apologize.

Hypercolor T-Shirt

In the previous decade, clothing companies start teespro.id producing hypercolor T-shirt. This clothing article is capable of changing color when heated. It is listed as 7 of the most controversial T-shirts ever.

The T-shirt is considered useless and has no added value to wearer. It can change color, but after a while, you will get stuck with terrible looking T-shirt. Because of that, the popularity declines.

Diamond-adorned T-shirt

Would you spend thousands of dollars for a T-shirt? Regular T-shirt is considered to be quite affordable. Designers get creative, though, by adding diamonds to increase the clothing’s value.

The price skyrockets to the extreme. Obviously, there are not many people who have purchase power to get this clothing item. The design is also said to be too bland and does not really represent the price.

Curse Words T-Shirt

Curse words printed T-shirts are definitely among most controversial clothing items that are massively produced around the world. It is boycotted because everyone can access it regardless of their age.

The curse words printed on the T-shirts are quite varies. There are quotes that are thought to be too offensive. Nonetheless, it seems like people will find a hard time getting rid of such T-shirt design.

Too Deep V-neck T-Shirt

Stylish T-shirt never goes out of people’s radar. T-shirt with too deep v-neck cut is also listed as argument-laden T-shirt. Some people complain that it is often too revealing.

People do not know where to wear this particular T-shirt style because of its revealing design. It is placed among 7 of the most controversial T-shirts ever.  It used to be popularized by young hipster people.

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