4 Marvelous Bathroom Vanity Ideas (You Never Imagine Before)

Bathroom is an interesting part you can design carefully when it comes to home designing. There are marvelous bathroom vanity ideas you can try by yourself to get a cozy bathroom with cool design.

As you know, some people choose bathroom as one of their favorite places at home after bedroom. It is simply because you can be alone and think of various matters. Some people even believe that being alone in the bathroom can give them ideas that they cannot get in another place.

Placement Ideas for Bathroom Vanity

Twin basins

Is it difficult for you to arrange the bathroom with a vanity there? No need to worry about it since there is a way you can do. Here you go.

  • Knowing the size of your bathroom

Before shopping a vanity to be placed in your bathroom, try to remember the size of bathroom. This will give you a good sight to select the right size, especially if you want to apply small bathroom ideas.

  • Placing the toilet by the vanity

In many occasions, you probably see a bathroom in which the toilet is placed by the vanity. If your bathroom is not large, this common placement will never out-of-style.

  • Creating a space for vanity only

The next in bathroom vanity ideas is made for a large bathroom. If there is enough space you can use to place a quite big vanity, so just try to place it there. Decorating it will make you love spending lots of time furthermore.

Monochrome Bathroom Vanity Idea

bathroom vanity

When you are about to decorate your bathroom, one to think about is the vanity. You should not think that vanity is only for a big and large bathroom because they are not. There are various sizes for vanity if you are willing to search.

One simple thing you can choose is its color. You can go with monochrome idea. Just paint the wall with a bright color like white. The vanity color can be the dark one like navy or black. If you want to choose another color, paint the wall with soft pink and choose a vanity with red color.

Vintage Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity and Sink Ideas

Many people like to have vintage style. This style never goes out of style since it still looks good indeed.
Choosing vintage concept for your bathroom vanity is not an exception. There are many designs of vintage style out there.

Besides choosing vintage vanity, you can also design the bathroom with this style. There are things you can prepare, such as:

  • Old or vintage style wallpaper.
  • The right color selection which support vintage style.
  • Other furniture in vintage ambience.

Colorful Bathroom Vanity

This one is probably for those who like to design the room with many colors. A colorful bathroom will give cheerful ambience. One thing to be noted is you must be able to choose the right colors.

If you want to focus more on vanity, one of bathroom vanity ideas is to paint colorful vanity on your own. You can pick either pastel or bold colors for that.

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