4 Important Things in American Culture (The Essential Elements)

American is the most common term to refer citizen in the United States. There are many things that can be explored in American culture since it is the most prominent and influenced culture all around the world. The culture involves its history, language, ethnicity, religion, political view, economy, and arts.

Only a few aspects will be mentioned here that play a prominent role in real life. As you know, the United States is the country that’s located in North America consisting of 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. America has a long history from ancient civilization until the contemporary era. After World War II, the United States became superpower country that excels in many things.

American Ethnicity

Important Things in American Culture

American culture cannot be ignored from ethnicity or race. People in this country are mainly from Europe migrant, whether the old or new establishment. In addition, the slavery contributed to African decent in America, though it had been abolished long time ago.

Besides Europe decent, America is melting pot from the other ethnicities. You will find Asian, Latin American, native people, Polynesia, and several minor ethnic group there. Asians are mainly from China, Vietnam, Korean, and some Middle East countries.

Language in American Culture

  • English

English is the official language in America. More than 80% of American use English as daily and formal language. English American derives most words and structure from British, though it assimilates with other languages.

  • Spanish

Spanish is at the second place as language that American used. The states with the border directly to Mexico have Latin American people. They mostly speak Spanish.

  • Asian and Indo-European

Asians, mainly China, take two to three percent of American. In most capital cities, you will find Chinatown and their language is Chinese. Moreover, Vietnamese is spoken by immigrant from Vietnam. Indo European languages include German, Dutch, Slavic, Nordic, French, and Italian.

  • Other languages

Besides language from Asia and Europe, Native American uses their own local language. In Hawaii, people still speak native words, though separated from America continent. There are also few small communities that use their country-based language.

American Music and Art

Modern English writers are mainly American with many prominent books. In past time, the books take inspiration from British writers. After that, American established their own literature and art that influences the world.

The music is varied from folk, jazz, pop, rock, etc. Jazz comes from African descent, but it gained popularity to the majority citizen. America music is what people listen today because the new genre, songs, singers, and album come every day. You will find many variations in this field.

American Cuisine

american culture

America is the home for modern and new foods. Agricultural still plays prominent role that produces local ingredients. The foods depend on where you live and single cuisine has different version in other states. Some of the favorite ones are:

  • Steak and its varieties
  • Cheese
  • Sandwich
  • Hot dog

In term of cuisine, American culture has common foods such as hamburger, doughnut, and fries. They are western-based cuisines from British, Dutch, French, German, etc. Besides them, people enjoy various restaurants as well with different foods from Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin, etc. Well, American has its own version of fried rice and pizza.

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