7 Treatment for Black Hair to Stay Shiny and not Turn Pseudo Red Like a Kite Child

Outdoor activities are fun, unfortunately this can make hair that used to shine black to turn reddish. Better if you only change color, usually reddish hair is also accompanied by other problems such as dry and prone to branching. The reason is because of frequent exposure to sunlight which then burns hair melanin for example.

Hair that turns reddish doesn’t bother, but this can reduce self-confidence. From now on, do a few simple treatments.

1. So that your hair doesn’t dry out, don’t wash your hair too often ~

The chemicals in the shampoo can make hair drier more easily. Even though dry hair will turn reddish faster if you are exposed to sunlight. You only need to wash twice a week, not every day.

2. Use only the amount of shampoo, just don’t need much if you just chase the foam

Sulfate content in shampoo can indeed increase foam, but it’s also not good if used mostly, even making reddish hair. This method can also maintain your hair’s natural oils!

3. To maintain and restore the sparkle, be more diligent in using the conditioner, yes!

In addition to moisturizing, conditioner will also improve hair melanin. In fact, a dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic Dr. Wilma Bergfeld recommends treating hair with conditioner often so it doesn’t get damaged, launches the Voice page.

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4. Avoid using hot-styling styling tools

not only vise, you also need to reduce the habit of using a hair dryer. The heat from this tool can make hair dry and shine less.

5. Gently massage your hair with natural oils once a week

Massage with natural oils is one of the best treatments for maintaining hair’s luster. The choice can use coconut oil, olive, or hazelnut. Besides making it more black, these ingredients also make hair look slimmer. You can do the massage one hour before shampooing, so that later the oil can be left for a while.

6. Comb hair that is still wet using a tooth comb rarely or even fingers

Usually, reddish hair tends to be drier and tangle easily. Switch to using a wide-toothed comb, especially after shampooing. In addition to reducing the risk of tangled hair, this comb can also minimize hair loss and breakage.

7. Not only the face that needs sunscreen, you can also apply hair spray sunscreen

Especially you who are often exposed to the sun’s heat, always use sunscreen to spray your hair. In addition to maintaining hair color, sunscreen can also minimize limp. Usually, the use of sunscreen is the same as dry shampoo.

Occasionally, take time to do a hair mask at the salon. Or, you can treat your own hair mask at home using natural ingredients such as bananas and honey. Also enter hair care products that contain urang-aring so that the shine of your hair is getting better.

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