6 Ways to Take Care of Monstera Plants in the Home. Let the leaves be as wide as kayaks in contemporary cafes

Besides being able to make the atmosphere more fresh, indoor plants are also often used to add color to the interior of the house. Well, one indoor plant that is quite popular is Monstera deliciosa. Its broad, perforated leaves are a special attraction for residents and visiting guests. But, it takes effort so that monstera leaves can really grow fresh and beautiful.

For those of you who want to plant monstera at home, pay attention to how to care. Here are the daily treatments that you can do to make the monstera look beautiful and keep green.

1. The good of the monstera is placed in a place that has enough light
Monstera doesn’t really like direct sunlight, but he still needs enough lighting so the shadows can be good. For this reason, place the monstera next to a window or corner in a house that has enough bright light.

2. Pay attention to the water content when doing the watering process
Good to do watering regularly but not too often, once a week for example. Also make sure a lot of water that is watered doesn’t stagnate under the pot because it can make the roots go bad. Not afternoon, monstera will actually absorb water after being doused in the afternoon!

3. Make sure the monstera support structure is strong enough so that the leaves can grow thick
Actually you can use a pot, but if you want to be stronger, you can make space on the edge of the wall so you can plant monstera. Well, if you want to use Monstera leaves to decorate the room, it’s better to wait until he drops the leaves himself. It’s OK to cut it, but if it’s the wrong way it can make other leaves wither.

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4. Although only planted in pots and placed in the house, monstera also still needs nutrients from fertilizer
If you have mixed soil and compost before, fertilizer should only be done five times a year. You don’t have to use certain fertilizer, just use what is sold on the market. It is better to follow the instructions for using fertilizer according to what is in the package, yes!

5. In order to grow optimally, replace the pot periodically
If the roots have started to encircle in the pot, it’s best to immediately replace the pot. Use a new pot that has a width of five to 50 centimeters from the previous pot, yes! When moved, try to use high-quality soil, or if there really isn’t any mixed soil with a mixture of compost and sand.

6. Also clean the leaves if they have started to grow big
Set aside at least once a week to clean the leaves. Because, large monstera leaves will usually be filled with dust. Well, if the leaves are clean, the house will be fresher and the leaves will be green.

Actually caring for this monstera is not difficult. If the methods above have been done then you will get a monstera with beautiful and wide leaves like those in contemporary cafes. Finally, make sure there are no weeds that interfere with your monster, huh! So that it doesn’t wither quickly and the leaves are yellow.

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