5 Unique High-paying Salaries for Traveling Hobbies From Hundreds of Millions to Billions of Rupiah!

There are so many jobs in this world as long as we want to try. Sometimes the business does not have to be heavy and boring. Lots of fun job options at the same time can go for a walk. It’s really good to be paid for traveling. It’s free to just walk around, and let alone paid. Who doesn’t want anyway?

Koopa Travel summarizes 5 unique jobs released recently with exorbitant salaries. Very suitable for you who like adventure and traveling. Really delicious right? Let’s look at 5 jobs that could be considered rather strange.

1. Work in Antarctica with a yearly salary of 1.8 billion rupiah. What are you doing?

An organization called The Australian Antarctic Division is looking for selected people to work with them. The salary is quite fantastic, it can even reach AU $ 199,031 a year, or the equivalent of Rp 1.8 Billion. But you must want to be placed in a location that is quite extreme, namely on the Antarctic continent at the South Pole. Jobs that are needed are jobs that require skills, such as doctors, IT experts, electricians, plumbers, chefs and so on. Just have to be ready to live at the poles with minus temperatures all year long.

2. Wanted couples to manage luxury villas in Ibiza, Spain

Are you looking for a job in a luxury villa? Now there is an interesting vacancy. A couple sought to manage a luxury villa in Ibiza, Spain. The city that is famous for its parties and luxury resorts is certainly very interesting to live in. Requirement, one of the couples must have a SIM A. They also have to shop for kitchen purposes and can work together to take care of the villa. Later you two will get a salary of 35 million a month. Plus I can always vacation in Ibiza. Isn’t that rude?

3. Just told to live in Italy is paid handsomely, you know. How can I not do that?

Italian government authorities have announced that they will pay US $ 27,000 or Rp. 379,170,450 to anyone who wants to live among 106 deprived villages in the Molise area. They strive for these villages to come back to life with immigrants from other countries. His job is to create jobs or make businesses in the villages. The goal is that the village does not die and become a ghost town. Because thousands of people have left Molise to work in big cities or abroad. The plus point is that the villages have the most beautiful scenery in Italy, with all the sights Italy wants this village to be filled with people who can develop the village.

4. Tell to move to the beautiful island in Greece to get a salary of 7.5 million per month. Geez, if it’s free like this, it’s already great

Formerly, the Antikythera Island in Greece was inhabited by around 300 residents. Because many have moved outside the island, there are now only 24 people. For this reason, it takes many new families on this island so that the survival of life is still maintained. If you are willing to live there, you can get a salary of 500 Euros per month or around 7.5 million rupiah. Not only that, a traveler who is willing to move to Antikythera will also get a piece of land to build a house or start a business. Less luxurious what you try life if you want to move there. Just pay a monthly fee. Ha ha ha.

5. Very unique work: watching whales and dolphins in Scotland paid hundreds of millions!
A charity organization is looking for people who want to observe whales and dolphins in Scotland. The pay is pretty good for you, of course, IDR 350 million for a year. A charitable organization called Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), is looking for employees who have a passion for doing unique work. You are tasked with observing whales and dolphins on the Scottish coast. Exciting right?

You will be tasked with observing whales and dolphins on the coast of Orkney, Shetland and Fair Isle in Scotland. His job is only to observe and report if sightings of whales and dolphins pass in these waters. Simple impression right? Let’s try it. March 2020 you have to go to work. Hehehe.

Are there many job options with exorbitant salaries and can while tabbayun traveling?

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