Why is Ramadan Someone More Generous? Check the facts!

Ramadan is a month full of kindness. Not infrequently, Ramadan transforms us into more generous individuals. Not a few Muslims who donate, distribute takjil free to hold openings with people in need. Ramadan changes us to be a better person, right?

Well, do you know why we are becoming more generous when Ramadan? Want to know the scientific explanation behind this generous nature? Read it!

1. Being generous reduces stress and anxiety

Why after giving us feel better? Apparently, this has to do with the activity of the amygdala in the brain. Increased amygdala activity triggers anxiety, phobias and stress, explained the Medical News Today page.

Research was conducted to see if there were changes in the amygdala when we gave. As a result, there is a reduction in activity in the amygdala, which results in the conclusion that being generous can reduce stress and anxiety.

In addition, giving also gives us a feeling of being satisfied and happy with ourselves. So, don’t hesitate to be generous! Moreover, the rewards in the month of Ramadan are multiplied, you know!

2. Giving makes us happier

In contrast, research from the University of Zurich in Switzerland was published on the Time page. 50 people are told if they will receive $ 100 for several weeks. Half of them were asked to spend it on themselves, while the rest were asked to spend it on people they knew.

Researchers then see which groups are happier. So, before money is distributed, everyone is taken to the lab and asked to imagine the friends they want to give gifts and how much money they will spend on their own.

Then, MRI is used to measure brain activity related to social behavior, such as generosity, happiness and decision making. Apparently, groups of people who spend money on other people are considered happier and make more generous decisions than groups of people who spend money on themselves.

3. Happiness in giving is not related to nominal

“Give it do not see the amount, but from sincerity.” Ever heard that sentence? Well, the fact is that the sentence is true! Giving a little or a lot of money together brings happiness, explains the Time page.

“Keep in mind that giving has a beneficial effect. In fact, if the gift is only to bring coffee to office colleagues in the morning,” said Philippe Tobler, an associate professor of neuroeconomics. Giving a feeling of happiness and happiness is contagious, you know! Therefore, do not hesitate to give, however small it is! Moreover, in the month of Ramadan like now.

4. Giving and giving is good for our health?

In the month of Ramadan, Allah bestows good on His servants by pouring out mercy, maghfirah and deliverance from hell. God also loves His servants who love to love others. On that basis, don’t be stingy in giving yes! Moreover, there is research that giving has a good effect on health, you know!

Research by Doug Oman from the University of California, Berkeley also proved it. Elderly people who are members of voluntary activities have a percentage of deaths 44 percent lower in a period of 5 years, compared to elderly people who do not join in volunteer activities at all.

Likewise the research conducted by Rachel Piferi from Johns Hopkins University and Kathleen Lawleer from the University of Tennessee. People who give social support to others have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. It’s a miracle of generosity!

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