Alec Douglas-Home as the Most Prominent British Conservative Politician done

Alec Douglas-Home was one of the most prominent politicians in British history. He came from well-known, aristocratic family and formed an outstanding career during the post-World War II Britain to the late 1960s.

The politician was remembered for his excellent career in numerous posts, including as Prime Minister. Even though he served as Prime Minister for a very brief time, his unique charm was still being remembered by many people today. Here is his biography.

Early Life

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The politician was born Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home on July 2nd 1903 in London. He was the son of an Earl and a member of one of the noble families in England. His father was Charles Douglas-Home, 13th Earl of Home, making her son Alec the 14th Earl of Home.

Nicknamed Alec by his family, little Alec was given one of the finest educations available in Britain. He was sent to the best school and learned how to thrive in sports. By the time he finished high school, he was one of the most educated bachelors in the country.

Education Background

Alec Douglas-Home Alec studied in the finest colleges in the country, including at Eton College. After Eton, he attended Christ Church, Oxford. Here in this institute he gained his Bachelor’s Degree in modern history. He was 22 years old when graduated.

Because of his fine education, he was eligible to get involved in the politics and government. He got his way to become the Member of Parliament, starting in 1931 when he was considered very young at that time.

The Politic Career

Young Alec was successful as the Member of Parliament. He was determined to keep being active in British politic world, even when the world was plagued by war in 1939 to 1945. After being the Member of Parliament, became the member of the House of Lords.

The peak of his political career happened when he was appointed as the Prime Minister of England. He was in office form October 19th 1963 to October 16th 1964. Even though he was a Prime Minister for less than a year, he made some crucial decisions for the country.

His Personal Life

Alec Douglas-Home was known to be very loyal to his wife. He married just one time to a love of his love, Elizabeth Alington. He was happily married to her from 1936 to the day she died in 1990. The couple has four children together.

His Retirement and Death

In the 1980s, the politician’s health started to fail. He decided to retire from public life and from political involvements. He died on October 9th 1995 due to health complications. He was 92 years old when he died. He was buried in Lennel Churchyard, Coldstream, Scotland.


There are only a few people to be very successful and thriving as British Politician. The 14th Earl of Home was certainly one of the most successful ones. The life of Alec Douglas-Home proved that there was someone who dedicated his entire life for front-line politics in Britain.


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