Why targeted promotion is important for your Soundcloud Profile?

It’s an internet world where everything has got simplified with the social media presence. Although there is a long way to go to exactly understand the possible usage and benefits of social media platforms. For any type of business it can serve as the greatest means to promote it at least of physical effort input. There are many who are using it for making the innovative growth of their future and have taken steps beyond the general ones. The general population thought that it’s enough that you have accounts on Soundcloud and over time you upload the content and the followers will make your future but it’s not that simple.

If you are a Soundclouder then for your success it’s essential that you have that good number of followers as well as plays. There are numerous ways to enhance your plays and followers. One of the simplest ways includes the buy of Soundcloud plays which are available on different sites. There are different packages and you can select the one that best suits your needs. Contine reading

The Wrap Wars

Liam Gallagher escaped with a caution for possessing cocaine when he appeared before police at London’s Marylebone Police Station on Tuesday, January 7, following his arrest in the early hours of November 9 on London’s Oxford Street. The Metropolitan Police issued a statement the day after the star’s release which said: “A 24-year-old man surrendered to bail at Marylebone police station yesterday afternoon. Contine reading

Shaun Ryder

SHAUN RYDER is being sued for more than 10,000 by his former managers for commission they claim he owes them. Gloria and Nik Nicholl – company name Nicholl $ Dime – claim they were unfairly dumped by Ryder in June last year, after they helped resurrect his career following the break-up of the Happy Mondays. Gloria Nicholl told she was living on income support as a result of being sacked by Ryder and she and her husband Nik owed them by Ryder. This was, she said, despite having paid 1,000 to stop his house being repossessed when they took over his affairs. Contine reading